Family Treasures Rabbitry

Family Treasures News:

  • We have babies available NOW!.  Please e-mail us if your are interested.  We are in the process of rebuidling our website.  Thanks for being patient.


About Us

Girls win BOB at TRBA 2011We are a small Rabbitry located near Houston, Texas.  Our rabbits are our pets first, to be loved and played with by the girls who raise them and show them.

This adventure started several years ago with an adorable Hotot by the name of Sugar-bunny.  When she passed away we called my husband at work to give him the news and that night a Mini-lop by the name of Coco-bunny entered our lives.  Then two Holland lops, Sassy and Pop-pop followed.  We have since decided to put our focus into Holland lops and into showing them. 

We purchased our first show buck at the national ARBA Convention show in Fort Worth, Texas in 2006 from a wonderful breeder out of California.  We named this buck Treasure, he was the foundation of our herd and hence the name of our Rabbitry.  He's from the Odabashian and Ormand stock, two wonderful people we have had the pleasure of meeting. 

Treasure (GC)A lot of people like him and he has done well for us at the shows, he became a Grand Champion and is now retired.  We then purchased a tort doe (Ivy) and a broken doe (Honeybun) from a well respected breeder that was introduced to us at the National show who lives in Houston.  Thank you to the breeders who allowed these guys to become a part of our family.  We are so proud of our bunnies and our girls.

Our goals are to create a herd that our girls will be proud to show through out the years to come as they get involved with 4-H, and if they like, into FFA.  We feel they have an excellent opportunity to learn the value of good showmanship at the ARBA shows and perhaps develop friendships that will last them many years to come, and it already has.

Dusty sleeping with a French LopShowing rabbits is a wonderful hobby we can do together, bringing us closer as a family.  Take a look around our web site and see the little guys we love so much.  Then if you like, take a moment to visit my art work.  I love doing portraits of kids, families and of course animals including rabbits.  I love to share the information that has been shared with me and I love to talk about rabbits (any kind).  have fun and hope to meet you at the shows.  Were usually hanging out with Holland breeders, French lop breeders and good friends that show Cals.